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Joy of Shifting

9 Aug

Six months ago I decided to abandon all my film stuff. I advertised that people could go for my hundreds of film books to Michael Treloar, North Terrace, Adelaide*.

Now, I know I want to keep living with them, my files of British Film Institute  magazines back into the 1940s  (from John Heyer), my near-complete run of Cinema Papers and, best of all, my set of the original Sequence magazine – – those were the days!

Plus my dozens and dozens of 16mm film, select collection of 8mm gems, my silent-running Hokushin 210 and Elmo 1200ST and bit noisy Bolex M8.

The name of the game now is boxing up… Later, shelving…

*Treloar does have my very long run of the Australian literary magazine Overland (1960-2010!). Who wants

an equally long run of Choice magazine?